Upcoming Talks

Rebecca Morris “Intellectual generosity in mathematics” to be presented at the Mathematics in Practice conference, Stanford University, May 10th 2019.  Abstract: here.

Invited Talks

Yacin Hamami and Rebecca Morris “Pólya, proofs and planning agency” presented at the Center for the Study of Language and Information’s 7th Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Intelligent Interaction, Stanford University, June 3rd (presenter: Rebecca Morris).  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “Alternative proof presentations” presented at the AMS Special Session on Alternative Proofs in Mathematical Practice at the Joint Mathematics Meeting, January 13th 2018 (due to illness, this talk was presented by Wilfried Sieg).  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “Why proof presentation matters” presented at the Centrum voor Logica en Wetenschapsfilosofie, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, December 8th 2016.  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “Designing motivated proofs” presented at the Mathematics: Objectivity by Representation weekly seminar, Archives Henri-Poincaré, Nancy, France, December 5th 2016.  Abstract: here.

Jeremy Avigad and Rebecca Morris “Character and object” presented at the Frege-Dedekind Fest, University of Irvine, April 8-9th 2016 (presenter: Rebecca Morris).  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “Motivated proofs” presented at the Fall Western Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, October 25th, 2015.  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “Understanding proof steps” presented at the Annual North American Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, March 26, 2015.  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “History and the philosophy of mathematical practice” presented at Pitzer College, 26th February 2015.  Abstract: here.

Peer Reviewed Talks

Wilfried Sieg and Rebecca Morris “Dedekind’s structuralism: creating concepts and deriving theorems” presented at 11th international congress of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 22nd-25th 2016 (presenter: Rebecca Morris). Abstract: here.

Jeremy Avigad and Rebecca Morris “Character and object” presented at the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice 4th Biennial Conference, June 27th 2013 (presenter: Rebecca Morris) and at the 13th MidWest Phil Math Workshop, 27th October 2012 (presenter: Rebecca Morris).  Abstract: here.

Departmental Talks

Rebecca Morris “Reuse in Mathematical Practice” presented at the Stanford Workshop on Mathematical Reasoning, February 9th 2018.  Abstract: here.

Rebecca Morris “Proving the same thing over and over again” presented at Carnegie Mellon University’s Summer School in Formal Epistemology, June 12th 2014.  Abstract: here.