Journal Articles

Jeremy Avigad and Rebecca Morris, “Character and object,”  The Review of Symbolic Logic, 9 (3): 480-510, 2016.  Paper: DOI. Preprint: here.  Extended version: arXiv.

Jeremy Avigad and Rebecca Morris, “The concept of “character” in Dirichlet’s theorem on primes in an arithmetic progression,” Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 68 (3): 265–326, 2014.  Paper: DOI.  Preprint: arXiv.

Book Chapters

Wilfried Sieg and Rebecca Morris, “Dedekind’s structuralism: creating concepts and deriving theorems.”  To appear in  Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, and their History: Essays in Honor of W.W. Tait.  Preprint: here.

Papers in Progress

Rebecca Morris, “Motivated proofs.”  Draft available upon request.

Rebecca Morris, “On the practical value of mathematical explanation.”  Draft available upon request.

Non-Academic Writing

Rebecca Morris “Calculations, calculus and computing”, iSquared magazine, winter 2007/8.

Rebecca Morris “We must know, we will know”, Plus magazine, December 2006 (runner up in the general public category of the Plus new writers award).