Logic and Proofs

Logic and Proofs is primarily an online course, with weekly recitations designed to solidify student learning through discussion and in class exercises. The online material, provided by CMU’s Online Learning Initiative, includes a detailed explanation of each of the topics, as well as many interactive exercises designed to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Course Description

Logic is a part of philosophy and a part of mathematics.  In this course, we will explore logic from both of these perspectives.  In particular, we will see how it can be used to evaluate philosophical arguments, for example, Anselm’s argument for the existence of God.  However, in evaluating arguments, we will also explore the more mathematical side of logic by learning how to give proofs.  More specifically, we will study both propositional and predicate logic, learn how to translate arguments into these languages, and then test their validity.

Sample Sides

Sample slides I created for a recitation on predicate derivations are available here.